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October 5th, 2012, 21:34
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
In software development "development time" is calculated in man/hours, because most features can be done in parallel if you have enough people. Salaries cost are the same as doing them one after the other though. So the stretch goals are more about increasing the number of people working on the game than anything else.
That may be true, however I doubt development time as function of man hours maps anywhere near 1:1 when adding features into the RPG they've been selling us on… Consider the following quote from the RPS MCA interview, "Fallout really opened my design eyes to the possibilities of a mechanics-driven dialogue system that reacted to your attributes, skills, gear, and more. We’d like to continue that tradition". New factions, classes, races, companions, landmasses, ect combined with the aforementioned… I would imagine the interconnectedness(not to mention promised reactivity) reduces the efficiency and efficacy of parallelism.

I agree with Dart and would like to see a stretch goal that adds time to development.
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