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October 5th, 2012, 22:53
Brenda Brathwaite was a lead designer on Wizardry 8. She also wrote the story and did the NPC scripting and dialogue. Do you have information that shows otherwise?
To be fair, she was listed among 7 others as having design credit with neither them nor herself credited as lead. Given that she is also credited for story, PC Dialogue & Writing, and as sole credit for both NPC Scripting & Dialogue and writing the manual it might be reasonable to infer she had too many duties to have acted as lead designer. So, whether someone loves or hates Wizardry 8, it would not serve as an honest or instructive demonstration of her capabilities in a lead design role.

There are several games where she is credited as lead designer however; these would likely give a better indication as to how she would perform in that role than a game in which she is not credited as such. These games are Dungeon & Dragons: Heroes, Playboy: The Mansion, Playboy: The Mansion - Private Party, and Ravenwood Fair (a facebook game like FrontierVille.)

Touting her design experience isn't particularly reassuring when you look closely at the specifics - in fact its rather dreadful. Of course the problem is that I think some who are attempting to imagine a sufficient resume as "lead designer" are under the mistaken impression that she will be performing that role. Looking at her experience in full and considering what roles she played in successful games, it seems far more likely - to the point of being blindingly obvious - that she will most likely be taking a lead in the writing and story design. With that in mind, Tom Hall's presence makes far more sense as his more impressive experience leans more towards the design and project management side of things.

Or did people really imagine that someone who's most recent game design experience were a couple playboy games and a farm-ville clone would take lead in game design while the person who's experience was mostly in design would write the story? Or is that what they're actually planning to do? If it is then that would seem like wasting the experience of each of them while using them in their weakest capacities. Perhaps this is an intentionally created but incorrect impression - afterall, the game they describe sounds more like Wizardry than Anachronox so perhaps it is helpful to allow potential backers to make the association that way. .
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