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October 6th, 2012, 04:54
Some good stuff in here, especially the Indie RPG interview. Parts do feel a little too safe, and markety to me though.
Q: So, why a generic fantasy? Why not something more imaginative.
A: Why yes, the world we are building here is totally awesome. So completely totally awesome. Thanks for asking
Just answer the question Chris, stop trying to sell the current setting, and address the elephant in the room. Why would doing something different or more fantastic be "a waste" and yet this current setting is "more interesting".

From Jeff Vogel's arguments that it's simply easier to sell a fantasy RPG, I assume they have went that route to play it safe, and may get more creative if they get to do future self/crowd funded project. I wish I didn't have to assume though, and they would just answer the question honestly.

But yeah, that quibble aside, I like the interviews.
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