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October 6th, 2012, 06:09
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
That seems like a stark contrast to what you wrote about her in the other thread.
Sort of - the credits she's listed in still don't speak well about her creativity and capacity in the role of a lead designer. After reading some of what she's done outside of what she is credited for or has done within the industry, it seems less likely that the lack of laudable lead design credits represent a lack of talent or capacity on her part. I can only guess at why this might be, but I suspect she may have not received complete credits in some of her earlier works and has likely be underutilized and frustratingly unchallenged by many of her employers. So rather than her lack of credits as a lead designer representing a lack in capability in that regard - her credits themselves may be found lacking as far as being a proper representation of her ability.

Since I had a lot of mixed feelings about Wizardry 8 though, I'll probably want to hear a bit more before I decide. Things like her train game (teaching game - the players are not told anything about the destination or symbolism until they "win") this TED talk though make me more optimistic that it will look a more enticing as details trickle out.
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