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October 6th, 2012, 10:35
Helps to give a sense of purpose to the PC.

Well thought. Comes with tons of new content. On a side note, part of the content might be tied to additional buildings one can add to the main body of the buildings. For example, adding a kitchen allows to add an oven which comes with bread and pies recipes.Might be the same for the other buildings.

Usual weaknesses as for this kind of mod: most players want immediate gratification so buildings are built with no time. Could be changed by modding, imo.

The building is not integrated in the surrounding space, as if it were a town by itself. It is overadded to the rest and you lose contact with the surroundings once in (no windows then) This also leads to some path finding trouble, with NPCs getting stuck without being able to check for their route.

I did not play any other house mod available but by reading their depiction, they are below what you can get with this one. A great base to mod on.

Would be great if Bethesda could reach the stage when they can implement reliably scarcity. Would make restocking of this kind of places any meaningful.
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