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October 6th, 2012, 19:25
I reckon all of you are going to eat crow when I sail through the $750,000 mark about 30 days in.

If I was not the author of this game and could get a copy free, I personally would not hesitate a second to get the $100.00 pledge. I'd give anything to have a hardbacked manual and full solution guide for a game like that.

Sorry but you guys are underestimating me again. Grimoire is legion. It is the world's greatest vaporware in the history of mankind and when it goes to release anybody who did not get the physical goods is going to have a lifetime of regrets. I know what my own game is worth to hardcore players.

You naysayers will be eating crow and substantial amounts of it, first when I cruise through 250G like it wasn't even there and then when I release the game on May 1st. I don't want to think about the mascara tears running down your cheeks when you realize it will be DRM forever after and your one shot to get the physical copy has forever passed you by.

You apparently do know a little bit about me and of course you know I could never again be bothered to ship anything physical after I fulfill all the pledges. It wouldn't matter if there was ten million in it for me. I cannot be bothered after I ship out all the pledges, it will be digital only forevermore after that. I will personally burn the masters for the manual and the DVD so that only the binary remains after the delivery.

There will be only one opportunity to get the box, manual and full solution guide and this will be it. I will video myself after the fulfillment pledges tossing the masters for the DVD and manual into a woodchipper which will spit the fragments into the lake of a rock quarry with the entire surface covered with diesel oil. I will then throw a flare into the quarry causing a massive explosion that can be seen from hundreds of miles away, effectively incinerating even the possibility of anything physical shipping ever again.
Should be the initial pitch.
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