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October 7th, 2012, 05:22
Yep. Inspired Quarters is also a great pack, level 18 though. Again, highly recommended.

Hopefully the U16 pack will add a few more 17+ quests, and this time with decent xp and better design. Do not buy Druid's Deep, unless there's a free 500tp off coupon or something. I used a 250tp off coupon, and points earned from favor, and still felt ripped off on that one. It's boring, and has horrifically low heroic xp and drop rates for named items, and a badly-designed end fight.

Has everyone reached 11 yet on the TR characters? I think Corwin said he was holding, Peter has taken both his to 11, JM and CM are also 11, and for mine, Mr Pump is 11, nearly 12, and Aneira is holding 11. Mostly, I think it's Alrik, Dte and Reywind's characters, though Alrik's not as critical since his are all first lifers like mine.

JM, CM, Peter, and me ran through Necro II and VoN flagging quests for Pump, very nearly getting to level 12 from just into level 10. I'll probably go and hit Ataraxia tomorrow or during the week to get into 12, then hold it and focus on Aneira.
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