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October 7th, 2012, 13:13
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
So you argue - in the essence - that extroverts are trying to dictate introverts what and how to play ?


And a clash of cultures of its own.
Vice versa. That multiplayer will simply not enjoy a singleplayer game as much and people who do simply have to accept that this is the case, holding it against them will only widen the rift, deepen the conflict and increase the losses, including their own if they lose. It's better to enforce the idea that people are different with different demands and that a developer shouldn't use their own needs as a ruler, than to argue that someone elses demands are crude, less sophisticated.

The same conflict is present in many social situations.
Think about who in a class of children wish to (and benefit) from studying on their own and in silence. Think about who in a class of children wish to (and benefit) from studying in groups or while listening to music. A teacher unaware of the difference will assume that their own preference is the preferred to everyone, crippling the children who aren't like the teacher. A teacher unaware of this will be a factor in destroying those children's lives, those children's interest for knowledge, those children's future. A politician who design schools or education in a 1-way formula will do the same. What group will benefit from and what group will be sacrificed in the current trends?
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