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October 7th, 2012, 18:35
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
I don't think Wizards will learn spells on level up. Josh Sawyer mentioned finding grimoires (on dead mages) with spells in them.
Do you have a link?
For some reason I assumed (probably because I thought it might be interesting ) that learning a spell basically means learning to "insert" it into a grimoire, whereas what spell a mage can cast would be determined solely by what spells a grimoire contains.
Aka, playerīs mages would be able to customize grimoires with spells they know how to scribe, but some grimoires would come with an already prescribed spell that they would be able to cast too, even though they havenīt learned how to scribe it yet (either because itīs higher level, or, as Iīve already suggested, a spell thatīs totally exclusive to a grimoire).
Learning a scribing procedure on level ups (plus maybe some additional means, like a scroll or an NPC describing it) seemed like itīd go best with this (additional obvious assumption here is that learning the procedures from grimoires would not be possible).
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
His example was finding a girmoire with cloud kill in it, despite you not being able to use it yet.
This doesnīt necessarily sound mutually exclusive with the above load of assumptions .

Regardless, my sentiment basically was that itīd be cool if some of the grimoires would bring something unique to the table long-term and a unique spell exclusive to a grimoire was the first thing that came to mind. Obviously there could be some other ways how to achieve this like, for example, some grimoires would make spells of certain school (or element) stronger, but would hold lesser amount of spells, etc.
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