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October 7th, 2012, 21:09
Originally Posted by Lannister View Post
Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but i have recently bought an Acer Iconia A700 (awesome device!!) and i was wondering if there are durther recommendations for single-player Android RPGs or Android adventures (like Broken sword series).

Cheers in advance,
Nice tablet - congrats! With that high-resolution big screen you should be able to do some decent gaming.

Heroes Call hasn't been mentioned yet - it came out recently (a port from iOS). I played around with it some - it seems to be a decent Diablo-like game with good production values. Optimized for Tegra - so it should look nice on your A700. Personally I didn't like needing to touch the screen to attack each enemy as my fingers blocked the view. But that's just a preference thing. On a big screen it might be less of an issue.

WazHack is quite good if you like roguelike dungeon crawl games at all (Nethack, Rogue, etc). It has roguelike game mechanics transposed onto a side-scrolling, fully animated 3D dungeon view. At first I was skeptical about the side-scrolling view but it works pretty well for touchscreen play. It's still turn-based, with random dungeons, just like traditional roguelikes.

Also worth noting - I've had Might & Magic 4+5 (World of Xeen) running pretty well in DosBox Turbo on my rooted Nook Color tablet. Surprisingly, with the right settings the interface works well with the touch screen. Just make sure to enable Absolute mouse tracking in the DosBox Turbo settings. That way, when you touch the screen the mouse instantly jumps to where you clicked. The big buttons on World of Xeen mesh very well with touchscreen play:

I also recommend the DosBox Manager front-end if you're going to use DosBox Turbo. It makes it easy to set up different profiles for games and launch them from a unified "game shelf" interface.

Hope that helps!
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