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October 7th, 2012, 22:47
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
The games with officially supported mod tools have so many more mods, and much better mods.
Companies that release games with official tools (TES, NWN) spend a lot of developer resources on it and they designed it with mods in mind. Unless this project reaches well over $3MM I dont expect a construction kit.

What I hate is when the only tool released is a level editor. Witcher, Fallout 1&2 fell into this this territory initially and there were virtually no mods.

My experience is a majority of mods people want are retextures, parameter/script tweaks, and community bug fixes. The next level is new content by adding static models like weapons then animated items like armor and then you get into custom animation/creatures which are years away from initial release.

In that mix is custom houses, quests and what not but usually that takes years to get released properly event when tools are available on release. After that is stuff like MMM, OOO, Nehrim which are basically new games and require extensive tools.

I think they can satisfy the community with releasing file format documentation, script compiler, script source, a skeleton rig for blender,max or maya and an exporter. The more source released the better but the community can reverse engineer (with some amount of blessing) from the documentation in many cases. Even Bethesda did not release skeletons or modeling support tools and people had to use community tools or the Civ4 Tools.

My understanding is Unity will not support the last three at all and is up to the developer to release tools. Perhaps with Unity Pro but I didn't get a sense that was a really good solution. Anyway if they stagger tools so that simple mods like scripting, retextures, custom weapons/armor are possible initially and then a level editor after at least I would be happy. I just don't see a construction kit being done initially though. Maybe another kickstarter? Of course its chicken and egg, if they do it up front then it helps them as well I suspect.
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