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October 8th, 2012, 00:41
Originally Posted by Cm View Post
I have a level 8 I could run those quests with you if you plan to hold at 10 even past our Friday session. Can't get it all in at these levels. Too many quests and too much xp from them. lol
My arti is still level 8, too.

Originally Posted by azraelck View Post
Shadow Crypt is 9, so 11 works for that.

I still want to hit Xorian Cipher, for the GH clicky, since we have no real arcane running regularly.
Except my wizard. I'll switch to him whenever he is needed.

And yes, I want to do that quest myself. I never did. So far.

Most trap DCs are set up assuming a standardized party I think, and not having GH hurts there. Heroism pots help a bit, but still.

Dte, Alrik, and me still need VoN4, though that's level 9, as well as Shadow Crypt. So I think us 3 at least will split off for those quests. I'd suggest JM come as well, as those are some good XP quests, and she's a 3rd life. Afterwards, I'd suggest hitting Xorian Cipher, then, depending on time, Red Fens. VoN4 and Shadow Crypt won't take long, but I don't know Xorian Cipher hardly at all anymore. It might take awhile.
My Wizard has still to do the Gadgeteer VON quest, and the last quest, of course.
Same for my Cleric now.

I guess after Red Fens, we hit (ugh) Threnal, since Dte is so determined to make everyone give him the same disdain and disgust normally reserved for used car salesmen, war criminals, and members of congress.
We could also do Sentinels Of Stormreach. But I don't know who has this pack. I do, since early September.

Once we take 12, I want to attempt a Tempest Spine run, which will be a full group run (raid). Then we can start hitting the Desert walk-ups, which are level 10. Hopefully, we can get to 14 on the third lifers before too-long, then hit Lordsmarch 1 and some stragglers to get to 15, where we pull into Gianthold. We need to be as far along into 15 as possible, if not holding 16, when we do the GH walkups.
Yes, I really want to do Tempest Spine as well. I never did it, so I'm curious of what it might bring.

I bought the Dreaming Dark pack today, but I don't have it's "prequel" yet.
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