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October 8th, 2012, 10:08
Originally Posted by jwmeep View Post
From Jeff Vogel's arguments that it's simply easier to sell a fantasy RPG, I assume they have went that route to play it safe, and may get more creative if they get to do future self/crowd funded project. I wish I didn't have to assume though, and they would just answer the question honestly.
KS brings a difference. This project was sold mostly by the reputation of the studios.
The seduction operated through their reputation, not the content.

All these projects are going to go paths they are already walked. They go this route for the same reason they go the route they chose for their technology: they know how to deliver and developpment costs are amortized in the past. Today, it is about replication costs.

Being innovative requires additional money.

One interesting side of KS. I though at first that KS would be used as a platform for small, innovative projects, trying to explore one or two gameplay paths.

Nope, it is the opposite: KS is a platform to promote old proven recipes, cashing on the decrease in production costs for those recipes.

Innovation is still lying in the hands of publishers.
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