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October 8th, 2012, 11:32
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
The community is vile in that game. I got a beta key, and played around a bit, and dear lord, I've never had so many bad players shout at me for not following them into their doom by rushing right into the enemy base at low levels in my entire life. The general acceptance of this kind of behavior in the community that has been built up around the game really made me not want to play it.
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
Yeah, I have no desire to be part of a game like that. I'm a casual player, and that's the way I roll. It's why quit raiding. People got too fucking serious about the whole thing.

No computer games lately, been playing Labyrinth Lord on the tabletop, and Warhammer 40 K sixth edition. On the table top too, of course ='.'=

Black Templars 4 life
I agree some people are really ahitty, but I just put them on ignore and then play with the others. I've also discovered the bot play to be amazingly good and the only cheaty part to the bots is that they buy stuff too quickly. Gives them a little edge.

I'm also very bad.

We could play together if you wanted to at some point. You can create private lobbies/games … Maybe have a few RPGwatchers join. We could play together against bots or in separate teams with bots helping us…

Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Sorry to hear that Fnord. It seems like it could be a lot of fun otherwise.
Yeah,I'm having a blast trying out new skills from different characters.

The only thing I find to be annoying me is that I seem to lag quite a bit, and I'm not sure if it's my internet connection or the server itself…
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