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October 8th, 2012, 12:08
Originally Posted by oasis789 View Post
I find it odd that some people believe that a kickstarter project has only upsides, no downsides. As if you put in your money, and if it succeeds that's great, if it fails no harm done, you're just out a couple bucks. But that isn't true. You don't see the productive uses that money could have gone to by having saved it and spent it elsewhere, perhaps on a kickstarter with little more credibility and a little more polish. There are tradeoffs.
I personally backed quite a few projects on Kickstarter - some of them known, some of them experimental. But with some projects I look at the videos and support the project, here I support the people because their track record speaks more than any kind of video.

I've also seen some of the projects slipped and slipping away. So no, I am not worried about downsides.

I personally split kickstarter into two categories:

1 - donations (unknown or experimental projects by unknown or little known teams with unclear results)
2 - preorders (well-known or experienced teams who KNOW how to make games and there is only very little risk they won't deliver)

In my book, Wasteland 2, Double Fine Adventure, Pinkerton Road, this new RPG, Project Eternity etc. fall into the 2nd category

I know that it is NOT what KS originally meant to be, but it evolved when the big guys took over. Still, whenever I see some interesting project which really resonates with me (and it doesn't mean only game) I always consider donation.
(The same applies for Indiegogo site)

However, these people made some of my most beloved games so not supporting would have been a big mistake in my book.
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