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October 8th, 2012, 14:07
I don't have any particular favourite setting, as long as it isn't traditional generic high fantasy, but I certainly am a fan of "original" and "unique". So I normally welcome new ideas, settings, etc..

I fully agree with azarhal in saying that Obsidian (and including their time at Black Isle and Troika) is known for providing originality, depth and uniqueness. While reading the OE forums, I feel that many people are somehow "stuck" with a D&D mentality and some expect PE to be just a BG2 clone. But knowing the people involved at Obsidian, we can expect the game to be everything but "generic".

Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
Yeah, like people would complain if there would be another TV series or movie set in current times. "I'm so sick of the contemporary genre, I wish they'd do something new!" hahaha
Bad analogy. It isn't about the era but about the theme. Imagine if all contemporary TV series were about the Police.
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