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October 8th, 2012, 20:51
Well I have gotten deep into Mass Effect 1. My impressions are old news for most, I assume. I was getting tired of running back in forth in the Citadel on missions; VERY reminiscent of KotOR. Now that I'm exploring unknown systems I am enjoying it more. Although I am quite surprised how each mine / base location has the exact same layout except for contents. Why?

Running aorund on the Mako, I was expecting to be terribly frustrated based on what I heard. I am not. It's actually fun.

I imagine the number of systems to explore and the lack of variety will make this boring, but for now it's entertaining.

The conversation system isn't as bad as folks have said. Thank goodness you can spacebar skip through the tedious voiceacting though (I wish the same were possible for the ship jumps and mako landings). :/ It's sometimes unclear if you make a idiotic response or not. Have to reload every so often when that happens.

I am most surprised at the quality. There is a game killing bug in the casino that would jump my Shepard to the top of the world mesh, with the casino far below, and no ability to move. Some characters would disappear and requiring a reload. Also there are situations with companions that would not heal, or have poison effects that won't wear off. Finally, the hacking/lockpicking/survey/what have you minigame is terribly unresponsive, making it a chore.

Don't get me wrong. I am definitely enjoying the game but I can see how it could get boring if they don't throw more variety at the player.

BTW, how do you keep track of which systems you have visited? There's too many to remember on my memory alone.
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