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October 9th, 2012, 10:13
Seems to be glitchy/buggy. Moving from mansion to mansion requires that the minimum installation is made but the option to move comes up even when the house is not complete enough to accomodate children, removing the line from the options.
Much unlikely to happen if this DLC is installed to start a new house due to cash flow.

Certain spouses are also unable to detect that you have children and also lose certain options like cooking meals/opening a shop.

The lack of acknowledgement of children might even be more than a bug as Bethesda might have forgotten to put it in.

As usual, a consequence of voice acting is that studios look for the optimal use of them in terms of repetition. Much voice acting in this DLC is completed by the original voice acting (new actors not recording bits that already existed)
And they might have simply left aside the option to save on voice acting.

All in all, a very good addition for any player wishing to get new elements to developp and give more flesh to the narrative of his/her game.
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