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October 10th, 2012, 04:29
Originally Posted by Reyla View Post
Um. How's the game?
Playing on PC between, on normal.

Weapon handling is really cool. There is a definitive Arkane feel to it and some features remind me of Arx Fatalis and others of Dark Messiah. The dialog system works like Skyrim as well: you can look around while talking to people.

I love the setting though, it's like Half-Life 2 meet Moby Dick (whales, whales, whales). Everybody is ugly too. Really different from the "market".

The first missions is linear, a few things hidden for you to discover (lots of lore books). The first few minutes is pretty much like Deus Ex HR intro (in a way), you don't have to kill everybody though. You can upgrade weapons/mask with money, so coins act like XP (the upgrade are things like more ammo reserve, more accuracy, zoom feature, etc).

Killing people is easy. They die in 1-2 hits on normal. You can't survive more than 3-4 hits yourself though. I much prefer the stealth approach. It plays like thief, you can steal keys, use shadows, etc. I almost forgot how leaning worked and you have to pay attention to sounds as well, to not be seen.

I need to play more to see a real mission. The 1st one is the tutorial and pretty much designed to teach you how to play. Although so far, I'll say this is Thief meet Deus Ex HR. I can't comment on the story either.

To finish this not-so-much a review:
Motion sickness = me had to stop playing for now. At least I can turn off the head bobbing. Might have to change the FOV as well. The motion sickness is mostly caused by climbing, the way the camera move just make me sick and I was exploring around the "base camp" and did it too often in short notice.
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