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October 10th, 2012, 20:30
Originally Posted by Jaesun View Post
They don't use instruments, like the old D&D ones..
So, instead they rely on singing only? That is even worse .

I always considered the idea of a bard singing and playing an instrument for buffing purposes to be ridiculous and incredibly absurd. I mean, I am fighting for my life and you have this dumb f**k standing behind me singing and playing whatever instrument and that is supposed to cheer me up?

With the Adventurer's Hall, people could create an all Chant party turning this into Bollywood Eterninty . It just occurs to me, should Larian Studios read this, for their next game, a Bollywood parody in the same vein as the Power Ranger parody in Divinity 2 would be right up their alley .

Anyway, if these Chanters are going to sing in the game, I believe it is fair to demand samples of the actual songs to be played during the fights. I remember reading some references about Josh Sawyer's talents as a singer .
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