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October 10th, 2012, 21:54
Originally Posted by borcanu View Post
i dont even care if I like it or not. The game design promotes the things i want in a game
these reviews will make these important design choices mainstream at last

can you imagine that world..
I have always been irritated by how too many RPG fans are quite aggressive about how a RPG should be or should not be and reading your post makes me throw you in that category (I know Dishonored isn't RPG).

But what you mention is more or less the reason I bought it. I firmly feel that's there's a lot of hypocrisy floating around this game, with many people that half force them to be very positive or enthusiastic about that game. But in reality it's not that fun.

But still I also get the feeling that even if it's a game probably half failed, the team tried something else for many design topics. I think I'll get half bored/half pleased but I also got the feeling that it's one that will be interesting to discover and dig a little, even if the gameplay is half failed and the game quite short.
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