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October 12th, 2012, 00:24
The Koalition has penned an editorial named "Why I Have No Hope for Dragon Age 3" about this game. A quote about the story direction:
From what we know so far about Dragon Age III: Inquisition there seems to be a number of ways that Bioware can spin the story back in the direction we desire. But will they? The fact that they swayed the story in the second game leads me to believe they’ll have to account for those events specifically in the next game, more-so than the first game. I highly doubt whether Bioware will neglect to fall back on the events of Kirkwall, seeing as DA2 likely sold more than Origins did. Also, judging by how Mass Effect 3 turned out we can’t be too optimistic.
Brent Knowles, a former employee of Bioware, has penned a blog entry about "What Bioware Has Learned". A quote about Mark Darrah's blog entry announcing the game:
I think it is clear from how this post has been written that BioWare has learned that they need to be more upfront on who is working on their titles, to help mitigate the idea that BioWare has lost all its original staff. Mark makes it clear that he is a gamer and that he has loads of experience with traditional gaming. Mark was with BioWare from the beginning, well before I started.
More information.
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