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October 12th, 2012, 03:45
Dragon Age 3 could have gone 2 ways…

1) Since DA2 was a very successful game financially, BioWare could have simply said, "While we regret the re-use of maps and the stagnant setting, we feel the action-oriented awesome button gameplay is here to stay as it clearly appealed to a wider audience than Origins."


2) While DA2 was successful, and while we can't promise we're going to reverse course completely, we at least admit that we went too far by appealing to the console button-smashing audience, and that as a result, the spirit of RPGs took a hit.

I'm hearing more #2-type talk, and for me that's good. I sure as heck won't preorder, but I fully intend to play DA3 as long as I continue to hear candid commentary from those who have the power to make a difference with it.
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