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October 12th, 2012, 04:34
Well, I've started plottin' and plannin' a bit. What does everyone have on tap for TRv3.0? There is some method to my madness, although there's no denying a large component of madness.

I totally blame cm, but I've decided to do a halfling. We need a damn Bilbo in the guild! So, we're talking a DEX toon. Thus endeth the paladin romance. That means a sneaky rogue, or possibly a monkeymonkiemonk. Either way, it will be a non-splash build.

It kinda comes down to whether the group will need a trap monkey. I'm a little scared about trying a monk, particularly since I have to pay for the class, but I was scared about pretty much everything that didn't focus on pointy sticks and most of those worked out well enough, so I'm giving consideration to jumping in the deep end without my floaties again. I don't mind the trap monkey role at all, although RhoGu was really (mis-)built to be a fighter with rogue skills so I'd have to learn the sneaky approach. I'm also leaning toward Shadohe doing the TR rather than Phuury, although that's a little more fuzzy at this point.

The reason I'm asking this early is because if the group doesn't need a trap monkey, I'm going to keep my eyes open over the next several months for monk to go on sale. If I'm to be a rogue, I can safely ignore that sort of stuff. All TR plans anyone describes here are, naturally, totally binding and any divergence will result in expulsion from the guild and banning from the Watch.
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