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October 12th, 2012, 04:42
The primary distinguishing traits of many old-school RPGs were nothing more than creative workarounds for the nascent technology available at the time – text input, turn-based simulations, etc.
I find that quote a little frustratingly short-sighted of the fact that in just as many cases, (perhaps more!) older RPGs featured turn-based simulations as a chosen design feature. It wasn't just the technological limitations causing these choices.
Thus, this "nothing more" than a creative workaround idea is a little misleading and doesn't reflect the whole truth.

Let’s hope it takes us into those uncharted waters where the sea monsters supposedly lurk, and doesn’t simply ferry us up and down a neat, tidy, coastline mapped out decades ago.
Indeed. It's a shame the maps for those coastlines have fallen into such disuse over recent years though, yes? Can they still be read and followed and will they lead to buried treasure? /cheesy analogy over.
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