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October 12th, 2012, 11:43
Originally Posted by Gaxkang View Post
Well, in DA2 you had to manually doge some attacks - ie no electronic 'dice roll' based on dex, armor or whatever (eg Rock Wraith). This is an action game tenet.
Only for people who come up with RPG elements stories and that RPG must be tied to a statistical system to resolve situations.

Rolling dice is just one abstraction that is essential for gaming sectors like board gaming as it is one of the only solutions to resolve things like combat situations.

Computer games provide other ways to do and wishing to dismiss that opportunity is dismissing the potential of computers.

Board gaming comes with constraints that are not known on computers. Porting those restraints to video gaming, while they are not indigenous to the platform, is a waste in allocating resourcing. And combat situations do not have to be solved through dicey system on computers.

The opposition could be that live action is one tenet of computer gaming rather than action gaming. Because, well, in board gaming, there are also action games and situations are often solved used dices.
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