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October 12th, 2012, 13:06
I am upping my pledge to 250$. It is a little bit too much right now for me but… Anyhow after pledging same amount to Wasteland 2 and Broken Sword 5 I am finished with kickstarter for a long run.

Also, I think that this is unique and only chance for someone to make a game that is in rank with baldur's gate or PST. If Obsidian doesn't deliver … no one will and we will probably never see another game like this…

I think Obsidian is building their future on this project. They are building new IP that they hope will use in many games. They already committed to do the expansion and I can see sequel or trilogy in the future. I think they will work hard to make good game.

Good luck to them.. good luck to us.
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