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October 12th, 2012, 16:37
I don't plan to TR within the next time (nothing new, eh ? ).

If I find handwraps, I usually sell them, or make collars out of them.

I don't know what to do with my recent find, handwraps which are … like "Metalline", but towards enemy's alignments. I don't know what the proper word for that is. I'm most likely putting it into the guild chest.

If no-one wants it, I'm going to make a collar out of that. Or the Druids within our group can do so or their own pets.

I'm carrying a variety of collars and docents for my Arti's "pet" for some time now, all specialized for certain tasks. Ghost touch and Undead Guard for example, or/and Light Guard for against undead minions.

What I really reall really need to do is getting my search skills up for my Artificer. They are currently ridiculously low. I can't find any traps right now, only in levels 1-3 or so.

If you happen to find a search skill boosting item you dont need for level 8-9 (8, currently), then please place it into the guild chest. I already have a +3 item, so I don't need that anymore. And I need to get my INT a little bit higher, too, I suspect.

Apart from that - I think I'll try to solo the VON4 quest with both my Cleric and my Wizard, because they didn't do it yet.
Any help is welcomed.
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