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October 12th, 2012, 17:35
I have no clue what we are doing. And we do have one halfling rogue in the guild……mine!. She got planted around level 10 cause I was gone or we needed my cleric…I don't remember. I don't have any plans to keep going with her….Testy was my rogue to play through all levels.

Dte you would like playing a monk. It is caster meets invisible pointy stick…….your wraps and moves make you deadly and it is fun.

I don't think we should pick our classes based on splitting into two groups. Everyone play what you like and want and we can get hirelings or add the occasional pug member if we get really hard up.

Sorcwin would be a great help if he is ready and wants to join our Friday runs. Guess passes are easy to get, so neither Sorc or Alrik should worry. We will get you in the quests no problem.

Dte……….Here take this……….…………….YOU are now the official keeper of the big plan for the group………..Post up what we are running first this week and lets not spend 45 min hashing out what you have already studied on and sorted for us.

Both groups should be doing X Y and Z this week all according to the plan. I know some may have to repeat a quest but so what. If we do this a few times we should end up all on same page again.

We either plan on staying even and stick to that or follow personal agendas. Can't be both ways. I have no problem running something again for one of you if you need it.

We should all stay on same level this week with the group even if holding until we regroup on skype and everyone is on same page.

I can type too much can't I? Just saying it all now so can keep my mouth shut Friday.
Bart and Corwin should just admit that when it gets down to it, I will have the final say.
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