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October 12th, 2012, 19:41
Originally Posted by Pessimeister View Post
I find that quote a little frustratingly short-sighted of the fact that in just as many cases, (perhaps more!) older RPGs featured turn-based simulations as a chosen design feature. It wasn't just the technological limitations causing these choices.
Thus, this "nothing more" than a creative workaround idea is a little misleading and doesn't reflect the whole truth.
Exactly, it's a very common misconception (especially regarding the CRPG genre) that everything associated with game design in the past can be explained as a direct product of technical limitations. Also, this idea is for the most part combined with the even more implausible belief that game design today is synonymous with "innovation". But why couldn't it be the other way around? The demand to include X amounts of polygons in a 2012 game could be infinitely more restrictive than the need to make certain gameplay elements more abstract in order to fit the game on a floppy or two…
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