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October 13th, 2012, 00:50
My toons already have level 11 (actually very close to 12, but will hold 12). So I need to be in a group who has already done Xorian cipher and Stormcleave outpost or pug while you do them. I need to have a buffer so my toons won't be left behind when reaching level 14 or so. They will be left behind at level 18. That's unavoidable. I just have to prepare for a lot of pugging to repeat quests.

You all know how boring it is to grind XP with a TR1. It will be twice as boring when you try to get level 20 with a TR2. As a TR1 you can keep quest repeats so low so you only lose 10-20% XP from repeats. As a TR2 you need to repeat the quests maybe 4+ times. That won't be fun. You might even have to for the 3000 slayers in each wilderness area. I don't look forward to spending many hours in the Orchard killing 3000+ undead.

I have done these quests on either my cleric or paladin (can't remember which). Both quests are ok, but nothing special in my opinion. Do they give great XP or are we doing them for favor?

I think some of us did Shadow crypt last weekend, but I don't mind repeating it for those who need it. The same with VON4. I don't care much about doing Threnal, but will go there if the rest of you want to.

I think clearing up these would be nice before we head for Red Fens.
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