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October 13th, 2012, 13:52
Uh, that was a hard quest !
But we didn't know it would be that hard in the first place !

I'll never do that at level 10 on elite difficulty again !
Or at least I'll try not to The end reward is very good indeed, but we had so many losses I looked at the log and it listed "31 deaths! So many ? But yes, this looks reasonable, especially considering the end-fight

I still feel some kind of angry over myself that I had died so often.
But on the other hand, I really didn't know much about what to expect, even after looking at the Wiki. What surprised (and worried) me was that I had some great difficulties in turning thoe Black-Bone Skeletons at all !

I neither got the Planar Gird (Grid ? ) nor the Chaos Guard bracers, only the Sign Of Xoriat. Well, that's better than nothing for me, but I need to give it another toon, because my Cleric is Neutral Good.

I went to sleep around 5 in the morning. Had I known that XX (Xorian Xipher) would take that long, I wouldn't have joined - but I was curious and didn't know what to expect. I really thought to be of better help (well, at least I brought some skeletons down, in old-fashioned close combat).

So, all in all, my memory of this quest is quite mixed. I wouldn't want to do it very often again. It's clearly one of my least favourite quests now - despite its great layout, design, and reward.

Originally Posted by Peter Stauffenberg View Post
I have done these quests on either my cleric or paladin (can't remember which). Both quests are ok, but nothing special in my opinion. Do they give great XP or are we doing them for favor?
XX at least has both good XP and good rewards, too.

Edit : For your information : The Realease Notes of U15P2 : http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Relea…tch_2_Official

The New DDO Chronicle : http://my.ddo.com/turbinecommunity/2…ber-12th-2012/
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