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October 13th, 2012, 15:54
Xorian Zipher is not an easy quest at level. It's very trap heavy, the chaos blobs disrupt the players all the time and the monsters respawn constantly. To make it worse some monsters stun you with soundburst. The end fight is tough because there are many monsters in addition to the bosses.

You need a lot of dps to pull this off at level. I think this quest is one of the quests where melees do better than casters. Melees can engage the enemy caster monsters and lower the threat. You just focus on the same enemy monster until it's dead and move on to the next.

Jm, Cm, Azraelck and me completed the quest in 30 min with just 1 death, but the main reason for that is that we knew what to expect. Doing the quest for the first time on elite is asking for a wipe.

This quest is not one where you can e. g. fight in the boss room and withdraw to recover. Undead skeletons respawn constantly in the corridors so you just move from bad to worse doing so. Beating this quest is about SPEED. Get the monsters down before respawns become an issue.

So don't worry about not doing so well on the quest. You were doing it at level with 2 hirelings and no melee in the group. It's one of the tougher quests in the game. You can always return to the quest when you're more powerful if you want to farm for the planar gird (greater heroism clickie). Life will be so much easier when you get level 11 and can cast blade barrier. Then you can kite the monsters back and forth through the blade barrier.

You will notice that the biggest difference in performance for a cleric comes with level 11. Then you can pick awesome spells like cometfall and blade barrier. It changes you from a healbot and buffer to someone who can contribute well with damage. Cometfall knock the enemy monsters to the ground so the melees can attack them without being hit. The only downside is that both cometfall and blade barrier are aggro magnets.

I think that if we get 20 tapestries for you then you can go to the Necro 4 area and craft the minos helmet. It will give you 20 hp from toughness and heavy fortification. Not having heavy fortification (immunity to critical hits) will seriously hurt any character.

Just be glad you finally completed. It's worse to spend 1+ hours with a game and have to accept a wipe. Then you don't even get XP or end rewards. We've had our share of wipes during the years. Also remember that we struggled on this quest on normal the first time we did this. You tried it first time on elite.
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