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October 13th, 2012, 18:37
I'm currently reading through the Release Notes (after a longer walk).

It seems that - after all of these years, as it seems now - they finally at least took a look at the Deepwood Sniper :

The Deepwood Sniper's Sniper Shot now performs a ranged attack with a +4 bonus to-hit, +2 to critical threat range, and +2 to critical threat multiplier. If the character successfully damages its target, the target will become momentarily confused and rendered vulnerable to sneak attacks for four seconds as if affected by the Bluff skill.
The Deepwood Sniper feat no longer claims that Sniper Shot doesn't break stealth.
They even looked at the Bard, too :

Bard Spellsong Vigor and Sustaining Song can now be in effect at the same time.
The other notes regarding enhancements :

Fixed a typo in the Druid's Blood Moon Frenzy.
The Angel of Vengeance's Condemnation ability is no longer dispelled by Bless effects.
The Radiant Servant's Positive Energy Aura and Burst now function regardless of the currently-selected target.
The Paladin Divine Might and Divine Light enhancements are no longer listed under the "Unknown" type.
Silver Flame Favour :

The Blessing of the Silver Flame favor reward now automatically applies when claimed. An item is no longer required to gain the blessing.
Seems as if I had had good luck : I was claiming this only a day or two before the Patch … Now I have this item, and, if I interpret this correctly, future Silver Flame Blessing receivers won't get any item anymore … (?!)

On Hirelings :

Fixed the Stay Frosty Epic Enhancement on Tarlov Snowtrack's hotbar.
DDO Store-purchased Shadowdancer hirelings can now be summoned anywhere in a dungeon.
Fixed a typo in Veil's Action Boost: Damage II benefit.
Veil ? Is this THE Veil from VON ?

And last :

Several outdated loading screen tips have been removed, and new ones have been added for Spell Power and Physical Resistance Rating.
The Campaign System now supports events like Mabar.
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