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October 14th, 2012, 01:22
I had enough of ME series. I've been playing ME3 for about 3-4hours now and I'm sick of it. Control is garbage (at least for PC) - space bar is solution to everything, yo. My Fem Shem is ugly, it's trying to be too emotional (Did I mention I hate kids? Especially the star child), I'm hating all new NPCs (Bega, Traynor and Diana? Whatever their names are) and I'm stuck with Kaidan who keeps on asking if my Fem Shep is really Fem Shep and not some Cerberus robot/VI/whatever)… EDI just got her new body and I will see if she turns out to be good. Garrus is Garrus, the only NPC I like so far. I don't know, it just isn't fun at all at the moment.
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