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October 14th, 2012, 06:45
Sherwin, with the exception of Alrik, we have played for nearly 3 years now. Most of the content we're running, we've seen over and over through 3 other 'groups'. This is our 4th group. So don't feel not up to par; it's just experience and accumulated/crafted gear at work. And we still fall flat quite often.

As a Sorc, you're going to be stuck on spell selection anyway, you simply will not have the space for everything you could need or want. That's what Wizards are for. So don't worry about that either. There's only 5 important buffs an arcane needs to bring, and of those, none of them are specifically required from a Wizard or Sorc, many can be found on items, or other classes. I would suggest carrying Displacement and Stoneskin for yourself, as those give a lot of durability to a Sorcerer. I keep those up constantly on mine, and have soloed much of the Epic Hard stuff. 50% miss chance and DR10 work wonders.
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