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October 14th, 2012, 20:37
Originally Posted by Saber-Scorpion View Post
ME3 was a pretty darn good ending to a pretty darn good 3rd-person-shooter/RPG series. They may not be the greatest RPGs ever, but the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole still constitutes a rather impressive feat. Haters gonna hate, etc.

That said, I'm not terribly interested in these DLC packs about Shepard doing various tasks, helping people, and preparing to fight the Reapers. Not enough to pay money for them. BioWare need to make some DLC that explores other aspects of the universe and story. An Omega DLC pack where you play as Garrus fighting criminals as Archangel, for instance, would have piqued my interest a whole lot more than one where Shepard goes to there to shoot yet more Cerberus dudes.

Well put and I can agree mostly.
Shepards story is finished in a very definitive way, I find it very hard to work up some enthusiasm for an extra chapter to a concluded story.

They should use the well crafted universe and lore to tell other stories in it.

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