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October 15th, 2012, 08:30
Oh, hey fellas, I didn't mean to bring up an old debate. I still get a huge kick out of the other LOTR movies Peter Jackson made and I was a big fan of Brain Dead/Dead Alive far before I knew he would ever make those. Sure there were a lot of things changed cut and missing but hey! It's the movies! And I think he did a far better version than Hollywood ever could have done. I especially like the extended versions. The more Peter Jackson wants to extend The Hobbit to flesh out his vision of Tolkein's world the better imo. Throw some Silmarillion in there!

I can see how you can interpret it as milking it, but I think everyone will benefit. You could like it the best since your expectations are low!
"For it is the Doom of men that they forget" - Merlin
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