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October 15th, 2012, 17:34
"Now that the kickstarter is almost over and we see all the additional content and features they are adding.

Is there anyone who thinks they will actually hit their release window?"

I do think it's a bit over ambitious for their release window. However, I'd like to point out that Obsidian is a real company. They're probably the biggest company to launch a video game project at Kickstarter. To the extent that they receive more Kickstarter funds, I have no doubt that they are able to efficiently make use of these new resources. It's not like with some of these smaller teams, where you're really wondering how the new money will translate into new areas and features. With Obsidian, it's pretty straight forward.

Still, even with that said, I do think it'll take longer than they initially stated.

Edit: Let me just give a sense of what I mean here. When a start-up promises a new area or character or something comparable, that means one of three things: 1. One of the main staff members will have more to do, almost certainly increasing development time. 2. A new staff member, which tends to be difficult for a start-up to painlessly and efficiently hire, integrate into the team, and set free to create new content. 3. Find some way to outsource, which, again, will probably be difficult and costly for a new start-up.

When Obsidian makes the same promise, it could mean any of the above. But, more likely, it means this: 4. More of Obsidian's staff will be directed to PE. This could mean their art/music/presentation department. It could mean design. Or it could mean both.

Alternatively, I'm sure it'd be much easier for Obsidian to engage in outsourcing or to hire new staff than start-ups as well. They know the industry, have contacts, and know what they're looking for. Pretty much across the board, Obsidian is much better equipped to make big promises than other Kickstarter companies.
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