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October 15th, 2012, 17:51
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
Fargo talks about quickly resolving combat encounters where the player grossly outmatches the opponent. That's better than having them drag out, I guess, but I'd rather see opponents who run away or surrender or try to talk their way out of danger than having every single opponent react exactly the same way (fight to the death) every time.
He didn't say those encounters wouldn't be in there, just that they're trying to speed up TB combat and giving the player options to skip trivial encounters. Those elements seem more story or specially crafted driven than something like random encounters on the world map. Example, in Wasteland 1 I hated fighting bums on random world map encounters because I didn't want to waste my laser rifle ammo, I would have been ok with a mechanic to optionally skip those fights once they no longer held a threat.

That said I like the idea of those encounters but enemies that just run away but never "leave" suck too. I can recall picking fights in Fallout 2 and having the enemies run away and you just end up chasing them all over town trying to get in effective range. That wasn't fun either.

As far as talking their way out of a fight, I bet those encounters will be in there as well. In the original Wasteland, there were enemy guards in the first town (in the town hall?) that would let you walk past them because they didn't want to fight you.

Also, not everything would run away or talk. Rabid mutant rats or robots or whatever wouldn't make sense to run away or talk to you.
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