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October 15th, 2012, 19:28
Bought the game and I'm really enjoying it. The game reminds me of Bioware titles such as DAO and ME2, or maybe Alpha Protocol and the Witcher.

Pros: Writing, reasonably interesting characters, and lore. Voice acting and music are pretty good.

Neither here nor there: Combat

Cons: Similar to the games I mentioned. The non-interactive environment that is full of artificial barriers really feels like cardboard scenery from a theater stage. Too many "scenery NPCs". Obsolete graphics (doesnt really matter to me)

All in all this is a decent game for those who value story and dont mind linear gameplay. The game is in the vein of those mentioned, and if you enjoy them and can live with dated graphics you might enjoy this game.

If you prefer non-linear games with plenty of exploration and interactive worlds (The Elder Scrolls, maybe Gothic) then you should stay away.
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