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October 15th, 2012, 19:48
Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post
I've lately been listening to Dream Theater. They're pretty cool, with some songs really nice sounding, but they're one flaw is the mediocre vocals they sometimes have. Instrumentally they're amazing. But they could do with better vocalists imo.

Currently listening to Dream Theater - Scene Six: Home
I like DT very much, I have seen them several times. And Scenes From A Memory is my favourite (closely followed by "6 degrees of inner turbulence" and "Train of thought"). I agree that James LaBrie is the weakest link in the band, but I think the tone of his voice fits very well with their music - when he gets it right. So does the band, apparently, since they've kept him - but I think I've read somwhere that Portnoy wanted to sack him some years ago. (JLB's comments after Portnoy left the band suggests - at least to me - that there has been some friction between the two)

Currently watching Steven Wilson: "Get all you deserve", blu-ray from his Grace for Drowning tour. Here's Remainder the black dog. (For the DT connection: Steven Wilson is one of the voices speaking on Repentance@Systematic Chaos)

@Jaz: I have two albums by Lacrimosa, and while I find the vocals weak, they too fit with the music. At least on "Fassade" which has a "Kurt Weil" feel to it. Methinks.

pibbur who for a long time saw(heard) Russell Allen@Symphony X as his favourite candidate if DT were to replace mr LaBrie, but now prefers Damian Wilson of Headspace and Threshold fame.
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