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October 15th, 2012, 23:16
Not really long, per say, just very, very slow. VERY slow.

One thing is if Sherwin is with us, then he'll need the full VoN chain. Which will probably split the group in terms of xp, as VoN3 can still give a good 20k+ on a second/third run. So I propose that Dte and Alrik try to catch me sometime during the week, and we can 3-man it. I have a few elite openers for just the occasion. Same thing for Shadow Crypt, if anyone still needed that. JM can join in as well, as she's needing to catch up some.

This way, Friday we'll be on the same page, and not trying to split off into multiple areas just to catch up, and not rerunning stuff that, frankly, isn't as fun as it was back three years ago.

If Sherwin wants to hit VoN and NecroII, I have Ijii at 8, and Dte and JM both have additional alts as well. So we can get him a guest pass then on an off-session night.
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