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October 15th, 2012, 23:58
Hello guys.
This has nothing to do with the thread but I had to ask, since I`m positive this kickstarter will reach 3.5mi.

I hear another big city will be added. My doubt is - In terms of content and extension, how `big` is a big city, actually?
I was very young (11 I think) when I played the first BG so it`s hard to compare. The cities I remember are - Beregost, Candlekeep, Nashkell and Friendly Arms Inn. Interestingly, I don`t remember the city of Baldur`s Gate at all =( So is a big city anything like those I mentioned?
Also, I remember all cities from Planescape Torment but I don`t remember the names. Still, could be a nice comparison.

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