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October 15th, 2012, 23:19
Originally Posted by arthureloi View Post
The cities I remember are - Beregost, Candlekeep, Nashkell and Friendly Arms Inn. Interestingly, I don`t remember the city of Baldur`s Gate at all =( So is a big city anything like those I mentioned?
The two example cities mentioned in the stretch goal are Baldur's Gate (from BG) and Athkatla (from BGII). As I recall pretty much the entirety of the second chapter of BGII consisted of doing various stuff in Athkatla, and that chapter was by far the most extensive in the game. It was much more extensive than Candlekeep and the Friendly Arms Inn, definitely. (I don't remember Beregost or Nashkell well enough to comment.) When they say big, they mean big.

FWIW, right now (and assuming 92k in Paypal) they would need to average about $4800 per hour to hit $3.5 million. This is down from a needed average of $6200 per hour earlier in the day, which means they're currently on-pace to hit the goal.
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