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October 16th, 2012, 23:14
Elite traps are not meant to be ignored. The best defense is a good Rogue, Arty, or some such build that is trap-capable, and can remove them for you. The second best defense is a really good reflex save, and appropriate Resist Energy and even Protection From Energy cast on you. Heroism and Greater Heroism boost saves BTW. The third and final defense is having so many hit points that you don't give a flip.

Beyond that, sheer speed and height is your best bet. Haste and Jump spells, and try to leap over it. But this is not always possible, and you don't always make it when it is.

Tempest Spine is incredibly fun, I want to try a guild run once we're all at 12. It's also really good XP, which is important for a TR. I think Peter and myself should know the route well enough, and we should have all bases covered. I'll bring my Arty for the INT runes, so Alrik can bring his Cleric.
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