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October 17th, 2012, 09:57
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
I'd like to see a set of comparison numbers (with references) for RPG projects funded by publishers.
You won't get it. Having been on the other side I agree that gamers almost always underestimate cost (and time/work), but publishers are not going to spill the beans from their side - partly for competitive reasons and partly because it's all tied up in the murky areas of finance - what rate loans they can get from banks/backers to finance the game etc. and those will themselves come with confidentially clauses etc.

Read Lars' blogs can get you some idea of a possible set of numbers, excluding the finance costs.

That said, I'm of the belief that project eternity should have lower costs than a modern AAA RPG - both from a mechanics point of view (can't stress that 2D world enough) and overheads (predominantly digital distribution, no publisher costs, better financial bargaining made available by large upfront capital investment). My biggest fear is resultant lack of QA - they're aiming to counter this by design rather than post QA.. hopefully that will turn out OK, but they'll need to be smart.
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