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October 17th, 2012, 14:02
Originally Posted by Irien View Post
If just a couple of hundred thousand of that went to the Brenda/Tom kickstarter (which reads like Wizardry9 + Anachronox 2) instead…
You write it and still don't see the problem.

So I'm telling you my example. I've put some cash into Obsidian project without having second thoughts the very first day, the announcement was short but good enough for me, seeing who makes the game and what it should look (ok, not look but feel) like, I simply had to back it.

On the other hand, if Tom's project was announced as "we're making a spiritual successor to Anachronox" and if they dared to hide the fact that Romero is working with them, I'd probably throw some money into that project too. However, seeing it's not Anachronox 2, Anachronox reboot/remake and it's nothing like Anachronox, I simply decided to up my pledge on Eternity and forget about Tom.
Don't take it as a negative thing. One lost fight (and who knows, maybe they still make it) is not a lost war. Sooner or later, Tom will probably get a thing from the butt into his brain and kickstart an Anox-like project. I'll definetly back it.
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