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October 17th, 2012, 13:31
Originally Posted by Frozen Fireball View Post
Can anyone compare this budget to the budget of similar top down RPGs like BG, IwD, Fallout 1&2, etc?
It doesn't really compare. The Fallout games were around 3 millions each (90s dollars value), but this include $ for the publisher itself (marketing, retails setup, translations, etc).

For PE, most of the $ will go to the dev salaries. Of the Kickstarter money, a bunch will go to pay for all the swag promised in the rewards. PE probably won't have much marketing, no retails (except maybe in Europe because Obsidian will use distributors). As for the translations, Feargus said they had a really good deal with somebody they know and they are working with "fans" to get some of the language missed in as well.

Also the dev time is less, simple because technology is more advanced. In the 90s it took them 2 days to generate the backgrounds for each maps, now it's like 30 minutes. Oh and having Unity will save them times as well, being a complete engine with integrate tools. Feargus said the character tools are better than those found in Unreal and the Creative Engine (or was it the CryEngine???).
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