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October 18th, 2012, 20:48
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First risen is game similar in scale to G1 and G2(well more to G1) and with similar gameplay to whole gothic series so we already got 1 successor to those I would so really like game of G3 scale.
I too enjoyed Gothic 3. But not as much as Gothic 2 NotR. If Gothic 3's content had been 'dense' enough to fill the world of Gothic 3 appropriatley, then perhaps G3 could have been on par with G2 NotR. But G3's content just didn't adequetley fill ghe gamespace imho.

I did enjoy Risen 1 (ran out of steam pretty quickly with Risen 2 with only putting in like 10 hours into that game… I just didn't like it much) which had a lot of the hallmarks of the Gothic series. But I'd really like to return to the world and lore of Gothic which I think is much better than Risen's somewhat disjointed canon (admittedly, I have to utterly erase the events of Gothic 4 Arkania).
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